Having started life as a theatre lighting designer (I studied at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama) I have been working closely with actors for a long time. A couple of things separate me from other headshot photographers, One is my understanding of actors needs and the other is the time I invest in each client.

For some actors it can be more nerve wrecking stepping in front of a camera than it would be for them to step out on to the Olivier stage or on to a set with Tarantino. That's why I take the time to get together with you ahead of the shoot, with no camera, to get to know you and to talk about your casting, your current work and your aspirations. I believe this extra time that I invest in you results in better headshots and that understanding your aspirations helps me find the right tone for the shoot. I prefer to do this in person and I have a favourite spot with the best coffee in London right in the centre of town and another right next to where I like to shoot. However if you can't make it in person due to busy rehearsal schedules etc then a Skype meeting or phone call can also work.

I typically will have no more than two coffee consultations (Tea/Juice/Water also fine) in a morning allowing you the time you need to start feeling relaxed around me and to communicate to me your goals/casting type. I'll typically do one headshot session per afternoon. (Two at busy periods or when days are significantly longer in the summer.)