Untiled Project - Salon Pictures

Who Got Rick Turk

Director - Josh Baylis

Director of Photography - Ezequiel Romero

My Name Is Lenny - Salon Pictures (Lionsgate + Front Row Filmed Entertainment)

Director - RonScalpello

Director of Photography - Federico Alfonzo

Wrong Direction 

Director - Abbie Lucas

Producer - Shamir Dawood

Director of Photography - Giacomo La Monaca

Mon Frere - Music Video

Director - Jenny Dee

Iggi - Series 2 Episodes 1-10

Director - Will Brenton

Producer - Chris Skala

Mouth Play

Director - Nick Read

Director of photography - Matt Glen

Punch's Letters to his Son

Director - Jenny Dee

Director of Photography - chris pollitt

Screw Tape Letters

Director - Emily Durrant

Director of Photography - Rob Youngson


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2012 - 2015

Lighting Designer for Theatre